I only release a couple books a year, which elevates days like today to epic proportions.  I get to introduce a new book AND a new series.

I’ve been keeping #TA1 a secret for months, but I’d like to introduce you to The Agents.  And let me tell you, this series starts off with a bang.  I’m talking the kind of bang that usually comes at the ending climax of a book.  So hang on, boys and girls.  This will be a gritty, sexy ride.

Look for Possession on June 1, 2023. That’s right, in just a few weeks. This book will be a live release, so mark your calendars and keep checking your email. As always, Possession will be available to read free with Kindle Unlimited.  

Have you read Scars? If so, you’ve already met Brax Cruz, Special Agent for the DEA.  His heroine, Landyn Alba, has found herself in quite the situation.  You’ve never read a “meet cute” like this before.


From USA Today Bestselling author Brynne Asher…

An arranged marriage, forced-proximity, thrilling romantic suspense.

I’m nothing but a payment, bartered to the most powerful cartel in the northern hemisphere and forced to marry a man I do not know.

My father sold me to save his own skin.  He might as well have ushered me to the gates of hell.

The Marino family is sadistic.  If rumors are true, they’ll own me, use me, control me, and strip me of every freedom I’ve taken for granted.   I’ll be a shiny new toy in a dark and deadly underworld. 

So when my husband drops the bomb that our arranged marriage is only a means to an end, I realize there’s something worse than merely being a possession. 

My stupid, stupid heart.

In the end, the last thing I expected to do was fall in love.



Scars, book 5 in the Killers Series is now LIVE and available to read FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 


Being a spy isn’t for the faint at heart—especially for the brute American and the beautiful, cunning Brit…

Who am I?  I’m Cole Carson and I’m the best at what I do.  

Four years ago, the CIA forced me to babysit the young MI6 princess, Isabella Donnelly. Beneath my paygrade and skillset, but I like to think I taught her everything she knows—because I’m just that good.  

Turns out, there’s a first time for everything because I was wrong about her.  She pissed me off and challenged me in ways no one had before.  I not only ate my words, I choked those suckers down with a bottle of whiskey when someone ripped her away from me.

Now she’s back and no one can know she’s here.  And by no one, I mean all of the western world.  

I’m determined to clear her name and make her mine.  

It’s a tall order so it’s a damn good thing I’m me.   

A dare…

Okay, fine.  It wasn’t a dare.  More like a wager, laid at my feet by none other than Cole Carson.  It’s all semantics at this point—I’m stuck between the threat of prison and my arsehole American, whom I just can’t shake.

Trust me, I’ve tried.  

I have no one to blame but my stupid, stupid heart.  

I’m no princess and certainly don’t need a prince charming.  I can kick arse all on my own—it’s what I came here to do.  Taking a bullet was not on my agenda … neither was waking up in the hospital with Cole glaring at me.

But I’m here and I’m nothing if not determined.  

But that dare…

I can’t focus on that until I clear my name.  If Cole wants to tag along, so be it.

I am a Donnelly.  We don’t give up nor do we bow down … to anyone