Or maybe, #weirdauthorquirk would be a better description.


Two years ago when I still lived in Northern Virginia, my BFF and her whole fam were there visiting us for a week.  I was playing tour guide to all the DC sights and we were at Arlington National Cemetery.

*Side note, if you’ve never been and ever have the chance to go, GO.  It’s an amazing experience.

Anyway, I love cemeteries.  I know, it’s weird, but I do.  I like to read tombstones.  SO weird, right?  Now, at our national cemetery, there are no personal or family facts that I love to read, but I was walking and reading names when I came across a Grady.

I fell in love.

I was just starting to sort out my Killers in my head and knew the name Grady didn’t match up with Crew’s personality, but for my Grady, it was perfect.

So from a tombstone in Arlington National Cemetery, Grady was born.