The Carpinos


A single dad, grumpy-sunshine, age-gap romance that will leave you wanting more…

Cam Montgomery is a single dad who knows his priorities: his kids, his job, his business. Dealing with his disaster of an ex-wife is bad enough, not to mention delinquent football players, and a meddlesome mother.

Cam doesn’t have the luxury of time for anything more, especially a relationship. Even if it is Paige Carpino—smart and sweet, but at every turn, knocks him on his ass with the unexpected.

Figuratively speaking of course.

Paige might come in a small package, but she makes up for it in spirit. An energetic spit-fire who has some heat to her sauce, she’s dedicated to her new business, her family, and a select group of friends. She’s never put herself out there, but then again, there’s never been anyone worthy.

Until one day in a burger joint, an asshole practically enters her into a wet t-shirt contest. Who knew a disaster like that could be the beginning of your life? Or, more importantly, that asshole would be your reason for being. But anything can happen when you finally put yourself out there for a single dad, ex-football player, and the hottest man you’ve ever run into. Throw in the Carpino’s, the Montgomery’s, and an eighty-five-year-old bossy friend into the mix, and it’s a recipe for something … big.


When an FBI raid changes your life…

That’s what happens to Gabrielle Carpino.

Just when she forced herself to move on with life after tragedy touched her family, she finds herself thrown into a tailspin so swift, she can’t find her bearings. Being cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz is enough to wake anyone up. With his dark chocolate eyes and commanding ways, Gabby can’t resist.

Between battling criminals, flooded basements, and her crazy Italian family, Jude also finds himself unable to resist her charms. That doesn’t mean he isn’t wrestling feelings he hasn’t allowed in years. Nightmares, that are really his reality, have paralyzed him from living a full life. Yet he can’t help himself when it comes to her, and Jude moves in to watch over Gabby.

But just when life seems to be settling down, demons surface from the past. Horrific ones that carry a vengeance so evil, no one saw them coming.


She was the one who got away … the only one he ever wanted.

Webster’s defines to heal as “to make healthy, whole or sound; restore to health, free from ailment.”

But Webster’s also defines to heal as “to free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.”

My soul is shattered.

I’m one hell of a mess because I need both and I don’t know how both can possibly happen. Sure, I know my body will heal. I understand the science of healing—it’s my profession. But the ache in my heart and fear in my head? I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that.

Losing your unborn child at the hands of your abusive husband will do that to you.

I’ve been trained to fear those who are supposed to love—conditioned to watch my every move and word so as not to suffer the consequences. For me, healing might never be a possibility.

Or I didn’t think so until Tony Carpino fixated himself in my life.

Tony is patient. Determined. He knows exactly what I need even before I do. He wants to give me everything, make my life beautiful when it’s always been ugly. But as determined and patient as he might be, I don’t know if I can ever be whole again. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve wanted him … and I’ve wanted Tony Carpino for a long time.

This is a story of heartache and broken souls. A story of being exactly what the one you love needs when they need it, even if it goes against every being of your nature.

Because love isn’t love unless it’s selfless.



I never had one. Never even knew what a dream was until a certain unassuming Carpino waltzed into my life. That day my world tilted.

It became unhinged.

I might not have been a dreamer, but she was.

She wrote the words missing from my life. Her notes ignited my heart. Her flame lit up my darkness.

Her dreams became mine and I’d move heaven and earth to give them life.

Especially when my past surfaced and threatened to kill every dream we had.
Until Avery, I had nothing.

But I’m Link Forester. I’d fight for her, for us, because right now, I have everything to lose.


A forced proximity and enemies to lovers romance about a tale of online dating that goes from bad to delicious.

My name is Logan Carpino, Senior Vice President of Andopolis Global, and my online dating nightmare from hell just humiliated me in front of my entire company.

Joke’s on her.

She caught my eye. Little does she know, I live my personal life like I do my professional one. When I want something, I’m relentless.


Some even call me ruthless.

Mediocre doesn’t get you to where I am in life.

Demetria Benjamin…

You have my attention.

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