The Killers


When your neighbor turns out to be an assassin … and a stalker.

In the Virginia countryside outside of Washington, DC, Addy Wentworth was on a mission to make a new life for herself. When the opportunity arose, she settled in horse and wine country. Experiencing more than her fair share of tragedy and loss, she had plans for her future, one where failure wasn’t an option.

And not just because people and cows were counting on her.

She’d poured everything she had into her struggling vineyard, because once she’s in, she’s all in.

After giving himself wholly to the job for ten years, Crew Vega was done. He’d fulfilled his commitment, done his duty, gone above and beyond to settle the score.

And the score was high. All he had to do was train his replacements and he’d be out for good.

He had a plan, one that didn’t include getting involved with his new neighbor, a woman who not only kept cows for pets, but treasured her employees as family, and understood him better than anyone ever had before.

But when he learned a high level CIA target being investigated for treason was keeping tabs on her? No, he never planned on that.

And like everything Crew Vega did in life, when he goes in, he’s all in.


A tortured hero and woman on the run…

Maya Augustine needed to disappear—her life depended on it.

When her path led her to the middle-of-nowhere Virginia, she found the perfect place to hide. A woman on the run, Maya had no business befriending anyone, let alone allowing herself to become involved with a man … especially after her last experience. Even so, she couldn’t help but become obsessed with the bruised, battered, and beautiful killer who walked into her life.

Grady Cain reached rock bottom.

His past finally caught up with him, causing him to lose his edge at work and in life. Spiraling down a desperate path of remorse and guilt, Grady wasn’t expecting his refuge to come in the form of a woman. Day in, day out, she was the only thing he’d allowed himself to think about. To focus on. To consume him.

One was running.

The other had nothing to run to.

Until these troubled souls crossed paths… And two paths became one.


A single-parent romantic suspense.

No one would say Keelie Lockhart isn’t determined.

Taking on the role of both mom and dad to her two young kids, she’s managing life the best she can. Saddled with a century-old, dilapidated farmhouse she can’t afford, a bevy of goats, two dogs, and a geriatric donkey, the last thing she has time for is a man—even if that man is a knight whose shining armor comes in the form of worn-in jeans and work boots.

Controlled, methodical, and focused—Asa Hollingsworth takes charge of everything in life.

Working close to home after years away, he finally has the time to focus on his kids. Little does he know, a chance meeting with a petite, strawberry-blonde stranded on the side of the road, would intertwine their lives in a way he’d never want to untangle. But when school bullies turn into something much worse, Asa starts to dig around. He never dreams the troubles lurking in the hallways of the local high school would shake his family to its core.

With drug dealers lurking, bullets flying, and threats coming from every angle, Asa must do everything he can to protect the ones he loves.

Because in the end, there’s nothing more precious than the gift of life.


A brother’s best friend and tortured heroine romance…

Gracie Cain is a healer.

I’m Noah Jarvis, a cold-hearted killer.

We had one night. The best night. Then she thought she could strut out my front door and my life, right after announcing she was my best friend’s baby sister.

“Give me a memory, Noah.”

That’s what she said … right after she rendered me stupid in the shadows at a wedding reception. I did everything I could to figure her out. She wore more veils of armor than I’ve seen in a lifetime. On the outside, she was strong and self-assured. But within those beautiful, guarded blues? She was laced with vulnerability and grief.

She got the memory she wanted, but I was the one left branded.

When she ran, I had no choice but to follow. Not only did I go after her, I chased her halfway around the world. Because when it comes to her, one memory isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter that there couldn’t be a more opposite pair than us.

But when my job came back to bite me in the ass, I wasn’t the only one caught in the crossfire. It bought us memories no one was counting on.

That’s when all the veils were ripped off.


A single dad and woman on the run romance…

Being a spy isn’t for the faint at heart—especially for the brute American and the beautiful, cunning Brit…

Who am I?

I’m Cole Carson and I’m the best at what I do. Four years ago, the CIA forced me to babysit the young MI6 princess, Isabella Donnelly. Beneath my paygrade and skillset, but I like to think I taught her everything she knows—because I’m just that good. Turns out, there’s a first time for everything because I was wrong about her. She pissed me off and challenged me in ways no one had before. I not only ate my words, I choked those suckers down with a bottle of whiskey when someone ripped her away from me.

Now she’s back and no one can know she’s here. And by no one, I mean all of the western world. I’m determined to clear her name and make her mine. It’s a tall order so it’s a damn good thing I’m me.

A dare…

Okay, fine. It wasn’t a dare.

More like a wager, laid at my feet by none other than Cole Carson. It’s all semantics at this point—I’m stuck between the threat of prison and my arsehole American, whom I just can’t shake.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

I have no one to blame but my stupid, stupid heart. I’m no princess and certainly don’t need a prince charming. I can kick arse all on my own—it’s what I came here to do. Taking a bullet was not on my agenda … neither was waking up in the hospital with Cole glaring at me.

But I’m here, and I’m nothing if not determined.

But that dare… I can’t focus on that until I clear my name. If Cole wants to tag along, so be it.

I am a Donnelly. We don’t give up nor do we bow down … to anyone.


The princess and a dead man.

They say money makes the world go round.

They’d be wrong.

Sure, power can be bought, but you can gain a hell of a lot more with knowledge. With knowledge comes fear.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve caused it.

I’ve even been the brunt of it.

But when a stowaway princess barrels into my life like a runaway train, I throw patience out the window—the same one I jump out of, taking her with me.

Now I’ve got more problems than any contract killer deserves.

That includes Aliyah Zahir—an internationally coveted socialite, a true royal, and a social media sensation. Returning to the lion’s den, she ends up in harm’s way—all for a mirage.

She’s chasing a ghost.

But instead, she finds a dead man.

I’m done being patient. It’s my turn to administer fear for a change, and no one is better equipped to fix Liyah’s problems than me.

And I’m never giving her back.

This is a Killers Series Crossover Novella written for the Happily Ever Alpha World of NYT Bestselling Author, Aurora Rose Reynolds.
Tequila: a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant and, in Mary’s case, a truth serum.

It took one night.
No, it took one dinner, a bevy of cocktails, and a woman who’s been skirting me for months. Then, everything changed. Because the tequila did what it does best, Mary’s words flowed faster than the magic liquid she was shooting with salt and lime.
Mary had demons—ones she thought were buried. She thought wrong.
She can’t hide from her past or from me. Not anymore.
I’m Evan Hargrove and I’ll turn the world red before I let anything happen to her.

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